Election Reforms can —  PROTECT Democracy . . .  and the Republic


Voter Fraud is almost NONEXISTENT in Ohio.

So, why are some Ohio General Assembly members and other Ohio Politicians working hard to  RESTRICT the Vote of Targeted Segments of Citizens?

Ohio Statehouse in Columbus

The Ohio Statehouse in Columbus

Divided we Fall

The highly Divisive partisan Politics in the U.S. that has separated families and friends is now a major threat to Democracy and . . . the Republic.  One critical element driving this threat is the significant effort being put into obtaining Political Power and Control at ANY COSTThis is being done  by a small number of  Politicians using anti-democratic policies and laws, and who are opposed by some moderate members of their own political party. (addl info in The Guardian-3/22/20

David Pepper, in his book Laboratories of Autocracy, reveals how this power and control is used to support well funded special interest entities from Ohio and around the country that provide large sums of money to many legislator’s political campaigns … and how many legislators obtain significant personal wealth.

Voter and Democracy Suppression in Ohio

Following the 2010 Census, this small element of the GOP executed an anti-democratic plan, called Project Redmap (Redistricting Majority Project) (addl info in The Guardian-3/22/20), focused on wrongfully Gerrymandering election districts in selected states in order to Gain Control of these State Legislatures.  

Information about this anti-democratic plan, and also efforts to Suppress the Vote of targeted segments of Ohio Citizens can be found in several areas of this website that include the Gerrymandering and Damaging Voter Access sections.

Model Legislation to Repress Voters and Democracy (ALEC) –

A few Ohio Politicians have been working for years to implement Model Legislation coordinated by a far right-leaning organization called the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) along with a number of its partners.  Bill Seitz, from the Cincinnati area, is one of the elected members of the Ohio General Assembly who have been involved in a leadership role with ALEC’s legislative efforts (addl info available at The Center for Media and Democracy).

ALEC Model Legislation reflects (the organization’s) long-term goals.”(The Nation-6/12/11) ALEC has aided Ohio legislators who have put in place highly restrictive Voter ID laws along with other Repressive and Anti-Democratic Voting Laws, and Gerrymandered Election District Maps. These anti-democratic laws and practices are being used to Suppress VOTING by targeted segments of Ohio Citizens. Detailed information about ALEC and efforts by supporting Ohio Legislators can be found in the Dark Money and other sections of this website.

A Strategy being ENGINEERED to Suppress Ohio Voters

The various sections of this website combine to tell the Story about the deliberate strategy being Engineered by a small group of Politicians who are working to put anti-democratic laws and practices in place that Suppress Voters and Democracy in Ohio.



— What will be the impact to Democracy and the Republic from increased attacks on Fair Elections and the resultant SUPPRESSION of the WILL of the Majority of VOTERS?

How can Citizens reduce and . . .  end Voter and Democracy Suppression in Ohio?

Two  of the key SOLUTIONS:

—Passage of a Ballot Issue for an Ohio Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission will end Gerrymandering (Additional Info)

 —Ranked-Choice Voting can assist in Protecting Democracy’s Future.  RCV favors candidates with broad appeal including pro-democracy supporters, and as a result, Politicians responsible for Voter Suppression laws could face significant challenges. (Additional Info)

Ohio House of Representatives

The House of Representatives Chamber at the Ohio Statehouse


Published by Lawyers Defending American Democracy (LDAD)

A1.) “State Legislatures Mobilize to Steal Elections by Suppressing the Vote”

“Voter suppression measures passed or pending in many of the States are gigantic icebergs with killer provisions lurking beneath the surface.”

“The more visible restrictions designed to make voting more difficult, such as those on mail-in voting, absentee ballots, voter verification requirements, and voting hours, are bad enough.”
“Like the tip of an iceberg, however, they obscure the ultimate danger: the power of State legislatures, rather than election officials who are duty-bound to administer election laws impartially, to determine who wins elections.”

“Those in power in State legislatures who are now trying to undermine election impartiality and make themselves the arbiters of election outcomes – whether directly or indirectly – must be unmasked for what they are: ENEMIES OF DEMOCRACY.”

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