Election Reforms can—  PROTECT Democracy . . .  and the Republic


Long line of Voters

Eliminating polling locations in targeted areas creates long lines that discourage and prevent targeted citizens from voting-- (Wikimedia Commons License)

Democracyissues.com is focused on  Voter Suppression in Ohio and the Threat to Democracy and the Republic from Anti-Democratic Laws and Practices.  

A number of critical Issues are addressed that include: Gerrymandering of Election Districts, Damaging Voter Access, Significant increases of political Dark Money,  Attempts to prevent Voters from being able to employ Constitutional Amendment Ballot Issues, the impact of an Article V Constitutional Convention, and Gun Violence laws put in place against the Will of the Majority of Ohio Voters. 

The site covers two of the KEY SOLUTIONS to 1.) Gerrymandering and 2.) other Voter and Democracy Suppression in Ohio that follow:

—— 1.) An Ohio Independent Redistricting Commission (through a Ballot Issue)-(Additional Info)

—— 2.) Ranked-Choice Voting (through a Ballot Issue)-(Additional Info)

The site also includes News Reporting and Commentary from selected Articles and Editorials published by respected media around the country.  (Proper attribution is provided to each of these media organizations and their professionals.)

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