Disseminating Your Press Releases to Media in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan

The Telex Press Release Distribution Service distributes your press release to area media professionals via email.  We forward your press release to media professionals in northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan. Save time and money in preparing and distributing your press release and significantly increase the reach and exposure of your information to media professionals in our region.

Our distribution service includes daily newspapers, weekly community newspapers, niche publications, magazines, radio and TV stations, and the Associated Press.  

Our service distributes your press release via email to editors, feature writers, journalists and producers at key media organizations throughout our region.

The Telex Press Release Distribution Service reaches a broad range of media in the region in a timely fashion (usually in less than 48 hours). 

Click to contact us or call (419) 865-0972 to learn more about our Digital Press Release Distribution Service that will save you time and money and increase the media firms receiving your press releases.

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