Without your knowledge, there are many people at companies clicking through your website anonymously.

In fact only 2% of people who click through any website identify themselves.

As a result businesses are missing countless opportunities to follow up with the other 98% of the people clicking through their site.  Digital Marketing Tools (DMT) ) (through a leading national digital marketing partner) takes that mystery away by sending automatic Site Alert Emails to the right people in your organization for their action.

When someone from a company visits your website… an Automatic Site Alert Activity Email is generated and routed to the correct person within your organization for their action.   The valuable information in the Email Alert will provide important assistance to your sales efforts.

Automated Site Alerts provide :

  • Which Companies are clicking through your site
  • Which Referring pages pointed visitors to your website
  • Adwords Identification
  • Which pages were viewed and how long they stay on them
  • Which social media sites were used to find your website
  • Which Press Releases drove them to your site
  • If your signature block drove them to your site
  • Which Campaigns drove them to your website
  • If your Marketing Message is resonating with your audience
  • If your Account Based Marketing (ABM) Strategy is working
  • Identify competitor companies viewing your website

Site Visit Alerts are automatically emailed when someone at a company lands on and clicks through your website.  The Alerts provide data you can use to learn more about the visitor so that you can better service their needs.  The information provide on the Alerts are the following…

  • Company Name: The first item displayed is the Company owner of the visiting IP Address that the traffic was generated from.
  • Research Bridges:Under the company name you will see icons which if you click on them…allow you to easily research the company in the alert on LinkedIn and Google. The buttons are links with the necessary information to start your research and build new relationships.
  • Company City:This is the city (if available) of the Company as registered in our IP Geolocation databases.
  • Company State:This is the state/province (if available) of the Company as registered in our IP Geolocation databases.
  • Company Country: This is the country (if available) of the Company as registered in our IP Geolocation databases.

Automated Site Alert Reports also explains how the B2B lead arrived at your site. The IP Address, the site domain they started from, if from a search site the keywords they searched on, and the referring URL.

  • IP Address:The IP Address of the B2B Lead when they visited your site.
  • Referer:The domain the B2B Lead was on when they navigated to your site. So, if on a search engine like Google or Bing, the it would say “Google” or “Bing”, otherwise it just states the domain of the site they were on previously.
  • Keywords:If the B2B Lead arrived at your blog, landing page, and/or website via a search performed at a search engine, then the keywords they used for that  search will be listed here.
  • Referring Page:This is the full URI of the page that referred the B2B Lead to your blog, landing page, and/or web site.
  • Review ALL Activity –this is a link to your Macro Reporting Portal where you can view the Macro trends and data regarding your website Visitors.

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