DMT is working with a strategic partner, PGI, a global leader in webinar and event conferencing to  provide webinar and webcast services. GlobalMeet® Webinar, an easier and better way to host webinars with up to 325 people is a premiere product in the industry. It’s the perfect solution for town hall meetings, training, marketing lead generation and day-to-day web conferencing.

And DMT provides  talented support personnel to assist the development and management of webinars and webcast if needed by a client.

Easy To Schedule And Manage Your Webinars

GlobalMeet Webinar gives you the tools to easily schedule and manage your events from beginning to end. Create custom registration pages and emails, track all your events in the portal, and send out reminders ahead of your webinar.

Easy Access For Webinar Attendees

All registrants receive a custom meeting invite that contains one-click access to the webinar on the day of the event.

GlobalMeet Webinar is cloud-based so attendees don’t have to download complex software to enter the webinar. No dial-in numbers or passcodes are necessary.

Detailed Webinar Analytics

GlobalMeet Webinar helps you track the results of your webinar with easy-to-read reports that can be shared with your team.

Custom Branding

GlobalMeet Webinar gives you tools to make your event a professional experience from beginning to end. Help build your brand by adding your logo and other visuals to the webinar invitation and follow-up emails.

More Than Just Webinars

In addition to large events, your GlobalMeet Webinar account includes a GlobalMeet® Web meeting room to host your everyday meetings. GlobalMeet Webinar includes all the same features as our GlobalMeet web conferencing software, giving you the ability to use one single solution for any kind of meeting you’re having.

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