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Whitepaper:  Credibility Marketing

  • The purchasing decisions of B2B buyers is strongly influenced by their perception of the seller’s CREDIBILITY and value.

  • B2B buyers receive a significant amount of information each day. It takes multiple messages, a variety of different marketing channels, and a message that stands out in order to 1) reach, and then 2) impact the purchasing decisions of B2B buyers.

    Credibility Marketing is designed to increase the image and reputation of B2B sellers.

    –Marketing Actions:

    • Use Customer Testimonials on your website, in ad placements, and other communications.
      • Information from a CUSTOMER about your business is a very effective approach for building reputation and credibility.
      • Short videos letting website visitors see customers talking about the features and benefits of a company’s products and services.
      • A Customer Testimonial placed in a print ad in B2B publications is a highly effective credibility marketing tactic.
    • Use Relationship Marketing Communications Programs that let B2B buyers see your brand involved with important Industry Associations.
      • A number of Relationship Marketing Programs are in place through Toledo Business Journal:
        • Northwest Ohio Human Resource Association (NOHRA)
        • Home Builders Association of Greater Toledo (HBA)
        • Toledo Regional Association of Realtors (TRAR)
        • Facilities & Healthcare Engineers Association (FHEA)
        • Others?
    • Establish your Brand as a Leading Authority in the market
      • Expert articles published as Advertorials in B2B publications.
      • Encyclopedia of Area Experts through Toledo Business Journal
      • Add Whitepapers to your website showing your Special Expertise
    • Upgrade and advance your Website
      • Add short videos to your website
        • CEO Welcome
        • Customer Testimonials
        • Why Us? video
        • Facility Tour
        • Product demonstrations
        • Others
      • Improve the content and appearance of your website
        • Some content improvement options from Toledo Business Journal:
        • Provide Whitepapers on your website
        • Set up a blog on your website that is updated regularly
        • Consider a video blog that will let website visitors see and hear a professional talent talking about information that is relevant to them.
    • Increase the use of video in marketing efforts
        • Add short videos to the company website
        • Place videos on YouTube and Vimeo
        • Provide company sales personnel with access to videos to assist sales efforts
        • Use videos during meetings and company events
        • Other marketing efforts that incorporate videos

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