Strategic and Creative Marketing can be used by a company to separate themselves from others in their field and gain a Competitive Advantage.

Video communications, if used with a strategic approach and purpose, can differentiate a business from others.  A professional appearance and image is critical and the quality of the video will determine the impression on prospective customers. 

The incorporation of video on a website enhances visitor engagement and increases the rate of conversion of visitors into new customers.

Video filmed at the business’s location can add to the company’s credibility and capabilities and assists in enhancing its image.

The use of website video for marketing can also reach and impact a growing segment of mobile phone users.

Digital Marketing Tools has put in place talented video production professionals and other resources to provide creative and unique website and additional video services to our customers.

Enhance the business and establish a personality

— Business / Organization Profile

Business Profile video – example

Organization Profile video – example

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— CEO Welcome video

CEO Welcome video – example

CEO Welcome video – example


      Establish Special Expertise and Capabilities

— Customer Testimonial videos

Customer Testimonial video – example


Engage website visitors

— Facility tour videos

Facility tour video example

— Product demonstration videos

Product demonstration video example

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— Video capabilities: DEMONSTRATION REEL

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